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What shows are you currently interested in?
My list:

1. The Walking Dead (AMC)
2. Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
3. Scorpion (CBS)
4. Hell on Wheels (AMC)
5. Salem (WGN)
6. Stalker (CBS)
7. American Horror Story (FX)
8. Vampire Diaries (CW) before you say anything, SHUT UP!
9. Survivor (CBS)
10. The Amazing Race (BCS)
11. Black Sails (STARZ)
12. True Blood (HBO) The final season has ended but I still haven't finished it.
13. Outlander (STARZ)
14. Under the Dome (CBS)
15. Da Vinci's Demons (STARZ)

Thanks to my girlfriend, here is the list of things I'm pretty much forced to watch:
Big Brother
Are You the One

She also watches Survivor and Amazing Race but I included those in my list because I don't mind them even though the two flamboyant queer couples get on my nerves and one team on Survivor called John Rocker a bigot, homophone, and racist because he made crude remarks about people that happened to be black and queer.
[Image: fournettebeastin.0.gif]
Ah man you are in the chick flick zone. And you'd better like them with her. Smile

I watch Fox News, college football and Frasier reruns. The rest of the time I am on the computer
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Ha, your girlfriend and my wife would get along.

I am into Criminal Minds, The Following, The Borgias (just started watching), and on nights that I can outlast my wife, Game of Thrones.
Is John Rocker funny on survivor or is he being PC to revive his image?
College Football (we need help at DT can you play) Bearcat fan, and enjoy SEC drama, Fox News, Walking Dead, watched a season of
The Killing, The Following (too much stabbing), watched all of Revolution season 1-2, Nazi Hunters season 1, Wildest Latin America season 1, Air Disasters Season 1 and part of 2.
Game of Thrones
NCIS in all of its forms
Anthony Boudrain (either of his shows)
College Football
But mostly read books
LSU, Outlander as in the movie, or is it a series. I watched the movie it is good, like Beowulf except the enemy or threat
is not from here.
(10-22-2014, 04:20 PM)superflybcat Wrote: LSU, Outlander as in the movie, or is it a series. I watched the movie it is good, like Beowulf except the enemy or threat
is not from here.

That's a series. I want to watch that, but I refuse to pay for Starz for one show.
A bunch of stuff I watch recently just went off, but here are some things that I have been known to watch:

Walking Dead, Haven, Naked & Afraid, Lockup, Z Nation, American Horror Story, Intruders, blackish (not sure if I'll keep)
The wife pulled me in: Red Band Society, Grimm, Once Upon a Time
Season just ended: Defiance, Continuum, The Lottery, The Strain, Falling Skies, Penny Dreadful
BBC/Brit Shows: Copper, Doctor Who, Luther, Ripper Street, Top Gear
Guilty Pleasures: Moonshiners, Catfish, Dog/Beth, Doomsday Preppers
Plus sports the political commentary.

I have a bunch of stuff on the DVR so, I kinda might watch half a season one weekend.
American Restoration, Counting Cars, American Pickers, NFL, SHIELD, B1G College Wrestling, Once Upon a Time, House Hunters, Flipping Boston (If I see it's on)

Watched Flash the last two weeks, might let my son watch it.

Thinking I should have watched Sleepy Hollow.

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