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School sends 7 year old home for high and tight haircut

Quote:A military style haircut earned seven-year-old Adam Stinnett a trip to the principal's office at Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School in McMinnville.

Adam's older brother Justin is a soldier who has served in Afghanistan, so little brother decided he too wanted a "high and tight" hairstyle. But the school called it a distraction and forced his mom to shave the child's head after sending a note home with Adam.

Adam's mother Amy says she told the school the haircut was not a mohawk, that it was a military haircut. "Well, we're not a military school and that it has to be cut or he cannot return to school until it is," was the response Amy says was given to her by the school. "It broke my heart. It pretty much crushed a seven-year-old's dreams" Amy stated.
Man this pisses me off.  The school district does not have a policy on military haircuts so it is up to each individual school to make the determination.  That is one rule interpreting-on-steroids Principal!  How can a school named after a fallen military soldier not allow a military style haircut.  It used to be you got sent home for an offensive t shirt or scant/body part revealing clothes.  Now you're forced to leave school for a military haircut!  This is how far this country has fallen folks.

This is a mohawk:

[Image: mohawk_hairstyle_36.jpg]

This is a "high and tight":

[Image: Adam-Stinnett.jpg?ve=1&tl=1]

Yep, the two cuts are so similar only a blind man could not tell the difference.
My two sons would have been in trouble at that school since they have worn high and tight haircuts for most of their lives. In fact my oldest wore one up until he reported to BCT when they buzzed him. My youngest started wearing his buzzed a few years ago when my wife messed up his high and tight.

Personally I buzz cut mine. I started in the summer of '94 when we had an extraordinary stretch of extremely hot weather. I have really thick hair and it was hot as Hades in a fire helmet so my Captain suggested it. He kept clippers in his locker and cut my hair in the bay that night. My soon to be wife was shocked at first because we were due to be married in a few weeks but it grew on her. Now if like during deer season I let it grow out some she starts calling me a hippie.
Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary is named after this guy.
(03-26-2015, 08:13 PM)AngryAphid Wrote: Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary is named after this guy.

Great link AA!  Congressional Medal of Honor awarded posthumously.  This school should be ashamed, check that, shamed!
These schools are out of control, abusing their power !!
This is beyond stupid and I let the principal know. Monti Hillis Principal
[Image: TROP.jpg]

(03-26-2015, 09:09 PM)Danny N. Wrote: These schools are out of control, abusing their power !!

Yup.  It's like that most everywhere.  Citizens need to find good leaders who don't abuse their authority.
I bet if he wanted to "express himself" and "identify" as a female and wear pigtails it would be A-OK and no "distraction".
It would be funny to find out that the kids brother is actually a
neo-nazi and they just tricked the school into validating a skinhead haircut.

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