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August Forum Rules
-Don't attack people based on attributes they cannot control (race, gender etc).

-Posting porn will get you banned the first time. You may (in moderation) post links to hot chicks in bikinis and admire the beauty. You may not post pictures or drawings showing nudity, partial nudity or sexually explicit “activities” of any kind. Period.

-Foul language: This is not a G rated board. We will allow profanity in moderation. Language is rated PG 13. However, no one cares what you did with your girlfriend, nor do we want it posted here. A curse word here and there is fine, but know when to ease off the throttle.

- Making  threats of violence, damage of property or livelihood is prohibited. Know when it's time to take a break.

-Falsifying your identity: Impersonating another poster, making similar screen names or habitual trolling is not allowed.

-Spammers will get a permanent IP ban. Sell it elsewhere.

-Uploading files containing viruses will result in your immediate removal from the board. We urge all users to scan any attachment before opening.

-Your fellow members should be able to control what personal information they share on the open forum. Doxing is not allowed.

We encourage people to speak their mind. However, excessive "airing out" dirty laundry on the board creates a hostile environment for everyone.  At that point we ask that you  discuss the matter with a staff member via PM.

Users will be given ample warning before any action is taken.


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