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rings set with rubies seen as token of love and devotion


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Explore Diamond & Art Deco Ruby Rings

Rubies are one of the most valuable gemstones on earth, with the word ‘ruby' being derived from the Latin "ruber" meaning red and symbolising eternal devotion and romantic love. Worn as a solitaire or offset with diamonds as a three stone or cluster design, rubies are meant to be worn and enjoyed every day, as they possess superior hardness and durability. For this reason, vintage ruby rings are especially popular and have been for centuries, particularly Art Deco ruby rings.

Traditionally rubies are red, but can occur in many different shades from a lighter pink to a deep, dark red. At Berganza, every ruby is natural and unenhanced, no treatments have been applied. Today colour intensity, optical phenomenon and even the colour hue can be altered and created by treatments. Natural unenhanced rubies are becoming increasingly rare, which continues to drive the high price of vintage and antique ruby rings. The stunning red colour works particularly well with diamonds, making diamond ruby rings a favourite across centuries. 

Burma is the source of the world's finest rubies. Known for their pink-red through to a deeper blood red colour, the stones have a pure and highly saturated colour, which make striking vintage and antique ruby rings. The presence of the trace element chromium in their chemical makeup, means these rubies fluoresce in natural daylight, giving them the allure of glowing from within. The Mogok region in Burma is the world's only known source of the sought-after ‘Pigeon's Blood' rubies. The colour is best described as a vivid velvety blood red with hints of blue undertones, making vintage and antique ruby rings and jewellery extremely rare and strikingly beautiful!

Today, very fine vintage and antique ruby rings are fetching extraordinarily high prices and continue to ascend due to their increasing rarity and desirability. Whether you're after step-cut antique engagement rings or even a marquise wedding ring, Berganza's collection of vintage engagement rings and antique ruby rings includes exquisite pieces like a captivating ruby and sapphire ring, each showcasing the timeless allure of natural, unenhanced gemstones prized for their rarity and exceptional beauty.


Rubies are a red gemstone and come from the corundum family of gemstones, after diamonds corundums are the second hardest natural mineral. Most rubies have a strong, deep red colour, although this differs depending on the specific ruby stone. Rubies were a popular choice for jewellery pieces made throughout history due to the belief that they would protect the wearer and keep them healthy, as well as being a sign of wealth. Vintage and antique ruby rings continue to be a popular jewellery choice thanks to their timeless style and elegance, with Art Deco ruby rings particularly popular, as often the beautiful red colour of the rubies is complemented with accompanying diamonds, creating a stunning diamond ruby ring.

For years, rubies have been seen as the 'stone of kings' across many different cultures. The ruby stone is said to symbolise power and wealth and it was said that owning a ruby offered the owner protection. People also believe that wearing a ruby on the left of their person would allow them to live a peaceful life. The deep red colour of the ruby led many early cultures to believe that rubies held the power of life and healing. The ruby continues to be a symbol of wealth, after centuries of association with royal families and the upper classes. There is also the belief that rubies bring health, wealth and wisdom to the wearer, which is why they make such great gift ideas. Rubies are still a very much sought after gem. Thanks to its history with the upper classes, there are plenty of unique and opulent vintage and antique ruby rings available to buy today.

Rubies are very tough and can easily withstand the general rigor of day to day wear, registering 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness You can easily clean your antique or vintage ruby ring at home. Simply remove your ring and place into a small cup or bowl filled with warm, soapy water. Leave the ring to soak for 10 minutes, then, using a soft toothbrush, gently brush the setting, taking care not to scratch or scrub the metal setting or band too much. For best results, use a soft cloth to dry and shine the ring as this will help to reduce the materials being scratched. With a lot of ruby rings being antique or vintage ruby rings, this itself hints at the durability of the ruby. Art Deco ruby rings are also likely to contain diamonds, so taking proper care of your ruby rings is vital when it comes to prolonging their life and ensuring that they are kept at their best.

Rubies are amongst one of the most popular gemstones, but the popularity of the ruby means that there are also a lot of imitations on the market. Real rubies can be distinguished by their deep, red colour and distinctive shine, whereas fake rubies tend to be a lot clearer in terms of colour, as they are often made of glass. When buying special jewellery pieces, such as antique and vintage ruby rings, making sure that the ruby which you are buying is real is of the utmost importance. There are some common differences between real and imitation rubies which can include the hardness of the gem, as substitutes are often made using softer materials and can scratch much easier and will leave a colour trail. Whether you are buying an exquisite antique ruby ring or an opulent diamond ruby ring, you can rest assured that our jewellery has been crafted with the highest-quality rubies.

Rubies are one of the most popular stones for jewellery with pricing fluctuating dramatically depending on a range of different factors including cut, colour clarity and carat. The highest quality rubies can reach over £1,000,000 per carat. There is a range of other factors that influence the price of ruby jewellery, including the age and period that they were created, as this plays a big part in pricing also. Antique and vintage ruby rings are older, meaning they have more history.

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