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  Trump signs bill allowing mentally ill to have guns
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 03-01-2017, 11:54 AM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (6)

President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law Tuesday rolling back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun.

The rule, which was finalized in December, added people receiving Social Security checks for mental illnesses and people deemed unfit to handle their own financial affairs to the national background check database.

Had the rule fully taken effect, the Obama administration predicted it would have added about 75,000 names to that database.


So let me get this straight. These people aren't competent enough to handle their own affairs but now they can own their own gun?

Trump's America

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  Trump blames Obama for Yemen raid?
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 02-28-2017, 02:39 PM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (2)

Bill Owens, the father of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, the Navy SEAL who died in the operation, demanded an investigation into his son’s death over the weekend. Owens further revealed he couldn’t bear to meet Trump at the airport as Ryan’s casket was carried off the military plane last month.

“This was a mission that was started before I got here. This was something they wanted to do,” he said. “They came to me, they explained what they wanted to do ― the generals ― who are very respected, my generals are the most respected that we’ve had in many decades, I believe. And they lost Ryan.


What a scumbag. The guy doesn't even have the balls to admit that he made a mistake.

Even that chick he ran against admitted to her mistakes. She has more balls than him.

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  Who is Carter Page?
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 02-28-2017, 02:08 PM - Forum: The Pub - No Replies

During an interview with The Washington Post in March 2016, then candidate Trump was asked if he could share the names of any members of his foreign policy team. At this point in the campaign, it was known that Trump would soon be revealing his foreign policy advisers, but he had not yet done so.

In response to that question, Trump listed off a few names, with one being Carter Page.

He Is an Oil Industry Consultant Who Worked at Merrill Lynch’s Moscow Office. He Is Being Investigated For Potentially Meeting with Russian Officials in July 2016.


I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Rolleyes

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  Who is Wilbur Ross?
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 02-28-2017, 01:58 PM - Forum: The Pub - No Replies

The White House has been accused of withholding information from Congress about whether Donald Trump or any of his campaign affiliates have ever received loans from a bank in Cyprus that is partly owned by a close ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Ross, a private equity investor who has said he would step down from the bank after his final confirmation, had also been asked to provide more details about his own relationship with previous and current Russian investors in the bank, including Viktor Vekselberg, a longtime ally of the Russian president, and Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, the former vice-chairman of Bank of Cyprus who is also a former KGB agent with a close relationship to Putin.


I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Rolleyes

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  Trump sold house to Russian?
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 02-28-2017, 01:53 PM - Forum: The Pub - No Replies

Trump was asked about Russia during his news conference Wednesday because of speculation that Russia was behind the hack of the Democratic National Committee's emails in an effort to help his campaign. The FBI is still investigating and has not identified the hackers.
"No, I have nothing to do with Russia," Trump told a reporter in Doral, Florida. "How many times do I have say that? Are you a smart man? I have nothing to with Russia, I have nothing to do with Russia."
Trump then acknowledged: There was that one time.
"What do I have to do with Russia? You know the closest I came to Russia, I bought a house a number of years ago in Palm Beach, Florida... for $40 million and I sold it to a Russian for $100 million including brokerage commissions."


Why did he pay almost double for a house he later tore down?

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  Trump saved us 1 billion on Air Force One?
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 02-27-2017, 01:49 PM - Forum: The Pub - No Replies

A spokesman for the US Air Force has questioned President Trump’s claim that he managed to save the taxpayer one billion dollars when negotiating the price of a new Air Force One jet.

Mr Trump bragged about the deal to supporters at a Florida rally last week.

“They were close to signing a $4.2 billion deal to have a new Air Force One,” Trump said Saturday. “Can you believe this? I said, ‘No way.’ I said, ‘I refuse to fly in a $4.2 billion airplane.’”


People get mad at politicians lie to cover up huge mistakes but how do they feel about a President who will lie about the littlest thing?

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  FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 02-27-2017, 01:45 PM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (2)

Washington (CNN)The FBI rejected a recent White House request to publicly knock down media reports about communications between Donald Trump's associates and Russians known to US intelligence during the 2016 presidential campaign, multiple US officials briefed on the matter tell CNN.

But a White House official said late Thursday that the request was only made after the FBI indicated to the White House it did not believe the reporting to be accurate.


So now Trump is trying to force the Intelligence community to keep quiet?

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  Trump requests report to support Muslim ban?
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 02-27-2017, 01:43 PM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (2)

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump has assigned the Department of Homeland Security, working with the Justice Department, to help build the legal case for its temporary travel ban on individuals from seven countries, a senior White House official tells CNN.

Other Trump administration sources tell CNN that this is an assignment that has caused concern among some administration intelligence officials, who see the White House charge as the politicization of intelligence -- the notion of a conclusion in search of evidence to support it after being blocked by the courts. Still others in the intelligence community disagree with the conclusion and are finding their work disparaged by their own department.


This is just like Iraq all over again. Remember when Bush asked intelligence to prove that Iraq was behind 9/11. There wasn't any and Bush went after them anyway.

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Posted by: QuestionSocratic - 02-26-2017, 10:01 AM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (9)

got banned. And his name has been crossed out on his existing posts. Which is interesting since my name has never been given the --------- treatment.

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  Proof that Republicans don't want you to vote.
Posted by: Fitbuddy - 02-23-2017, 01:00 PM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (4)

"Today's vote proves that fiction too easily trumps fact in the Montana Legislature," McCulloch said. "It's a sad day when elected legislators let politics and scare tactics stand in the way of doing what's right. Politics overpowered the greater good, and Montanans lost."


This bill received bipartisan support as it would have saved the state almost 1 million dollars. However, republicans changed their vote after they received a letter informing them that the increase in voter turnout would in fact make it more likely that they would lose elections to Democrats.

Once again, proof positive that Republicans win elections when fewer people vote.

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