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At Berganza, we are proud to present our range of ancient jewellery, featuring pieces from the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras. Each of these pieces was made over a millennia ago, with the skill of craftsmen enabling this jewellery and the impeccable detailing to stand the test of time.

For thousands of years, jewellery has been a form of adornment in society. With some reports of traces of ancient jewellery dating as far back as 25,000 years ago in the form of shell beads, jewellery in some form has always been present and treasured.  

Whilst the earliest forms of ancient jewellery from prehistoric times featured shells, stones and bones, it became more. Gold was an absolute luxury and rarity in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, as well as being malleable, making it the preferred metal for crafting unique and beautiful pieces of ancient engagement rings and jewellery for the most wealthy and powerful members of society.  

Ancient jewellery is the embodiment of timeless beauty, as these pieces are still beautiful and wearable in modern society. Find your own tangible piece of history by exploring our extensive collection of ancient Greek and Roman jewellery or visiting our showroom!


Ancient jewellery is any piece that was created before 500 AD, including the Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman periods. The high level of craftsmanship used to create these pieces means the breathtaking designs from thousands of years ago are still able to be worn and enjoyed today.

Ancient jewellery featured a plethora of different pieces, from ancient engagement rings, necklaces and pendants to earrings and brooches. Many pieces, such as brooches, were a combination of both a practical and a decorative item, being used to fasten clothing as well as being an adornment. This was also the case for dress pins. Earrings were one of the most popular types of ancient jewellery, featuring intricate designs, gemstones and coloured glass beads, making their rare survival all the more impressive.

As a result of its malleability and value, gold was often a favoured material for ancient jewellery, throughout the Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras. The use of gold was often paired with coloured glass beads, gemstones and pearls, to create exceptionally intricate designs. For those unable to afford gold jewellery, silver and base metals were also used.

Ancient jewellery was made using techniques such as repoussé which involved hammering metals into shape and granulation, utilising more rudimentary tools than exist today. Indeed, this is what makes the quality and intricacy of these pieces so breathtaking.

We would advise that you have ancient jewellery professionally cleaned, as although they are wearable, they can be delicate. At Berganza, we offer a complimentary annual cleaning service for life, so you can make sure that your ancient jewellery remains in immaculate condition. If you do wish to clean your ancient jewellery at home we recommend using a soft, dry, microfibre cloth to remove any dust.

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